Working Time Table: Northern Line Train 044

Last updated on 26 November 1999

Please note that this extract is purely for interest, as a more thorough listing of Diagrams likely to be worked by 1959-stock is available via the referring page.

This extract is for the traffic days Monday to Friday only.

Following convention in the WTT, times in bold represent trains running via the Bank (also underlined to improve clarity between Bank and ChX services), whilst italics denote empty-stock workings. I have used a paragraph-break to denote a reversal. In order more readily to identify journeys, Northbound trains are in blue, Southbound trains are in green.

To reduce the amount of information lifted out of the WTT, I have only included times at terminii plus Kennington and Camden Town. The times at your station can be accurately predicted by consulting the posters in the station which show how long it takes to get to/from one of the timing points given.

Times are departure times unless it says otherwise. Reversals at Kennington are via the Kennington loop unless otherwise described. No. 27 Road at Golders Green refers to the shunting neck that runs into a blind tunnel just north-east of the southbound main.

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Train 044

0806 Start, Morden depot
0813 Morden P5
0838 Kennington
0857 Camden Town
0921 arr High Barnet P3

0933 High Barnet
0958 Camden Town
1022 Kennington
1045 arr Morden P3

1051 Morden
1115 Kennington
1132 Camden Town
1156 arr High Barnet P3

1207 High Barnet
1230 Camden Town
1245 arr Kennington P2
1246 to Kennington siding (rare move!)

1256 ex Kennington siding
1259 Kennington P1
1316 Camden Town
1340 arr Edgware P3

1351 Edgware
1414 Camden Town
1429 Kennington
1452 arr Morden P5

1459 Morden
1522 Kennington
1543 Camden Town
1607 arr Edgware P3

1616 Edgware
1639 Camden Town
1701 Kennington
1726 arr Morden P3

1732 Morden
1757 Kennington
1819 Camden Town
1845 arr High Barnet P3

1856 High Barnet
1922 Camden Town
1940 Kennington
2004 arr Morden P5
2009 Stop, Morden depot

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