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This page is correct up to at least 2 January 2024

Appropriate email

The author/editor of the website is genuinely pleased to receive feedback on all aspects of the website, including layout, design, compatibility and accessibility, as well as content-related comment.

If you would be writing regarding intended re-use of my material, I thank you for getting this far before using it. Please read and understand the Copyright notice, and send me details of exactly what items you wish to use, and where (in what document—citing WWW addresses where appropriate).

This website is non-commercial and the responsibility of one private individual. See the short disclaimer.

Text, photos and any other submissions might be amusing/interesting for the editor, however site policy dictates that such material is unlikely to be published; on the other hand, I reserve the right to publish (with due attribution) the content of or derived material from any submissions, so if you do not want this to happen please tell me.

Responses from

All emails except those obviously spam/tiresome/vexatious are read by the editor and will be replied to wherever appropriate.

However, the editor has many demands on his time, and cannot guarantee a specific timescale for such replies—anything between a few minutes and a few months should be regarded as normal (though naturally, one strives towards the shorter end). No responsibility will be assumed for consequential loss caused by a delay in replying. Messages deemed to require urgent or time-critical responses will be fast-tracked where possible and appropriate.

Repeat emails (‘chasing up’) at intervals shorter than one week may be counter-productive. Please be patient!


Please fire up your favourite email programme, and type the email address below into its To: field.

[TEXT IN IMAGE]: The address you should use is this:
<YYYY [at] squarewheels [dot] org [dot] uk>
where YYYY is this year’s value; no spaces, of course.


You can also find me on Twitter at @squarewheels_ (note the trailing underscore), though this does not replace my use of email! Latterly I am much less active there, at least partly because of some bloke who came along and messed it up.