Underground Trains

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[PHOTO: Tube and Subsurface Stock trains: 69kB]

A Jubilee Line train of 1996 Tube Stock is overtaken at Kilburn by a Metropolitan Line train of A60 Subsurface Stock. The difference in size between Tube and Subsurface is clearly evident. (08:45 on 25 June 2008)

Tube Stock:

Subsurface Stock:

Other Stock:

In preparing this work, I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Brian Hardy’s London Underground Rolling Stock (various edition), the regular stock-move updates in Underground News, various other “standard texts” on the Underground (both paper and electronic), contributions on uk.transport.london or to my email-box, and the many members of LU staff both past and present who have been happy to help me face-to-face and via e-mail.