Cycling — Route notes for Cambridge & Oxford; ride report of 1999 OxCam 400-kilometre Audax ride; taking bikes on the London Underground

Formula 1 — Damon Hill, Silverstone 1998 pictures, more photos

Railways — London Underground Trains, photos, Hastings DEMU, Docklands Light Railway, miscellaneous photos; Last day of the 1959 Tube Stock

Concorde — Images, videos and sound-recordings taken at Heathrow in autumn 2003, when British Airways was retiring its Concorde fleet

Audio — Mainly of DEMUs and tube trains, but with some F1 cars as well

Cats — Pictures and profiles of Widget & Tawny

Miscellany — Things that didn’t deserve their own topic-heading

About — About this site, its photographs and its author

Roger Griffin — My late father’s scientific research, his life and travels, and his marathon-running

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