Deltic D9000

This page was last modified during 1999.

These massive locomotives had their heyday on the East Coast Main Line, prior to the introduction of the Inter-City 125; the fleet of 16 was withdrawn in the 1980s. In 1998 the preserved Deltic D9000 returned to regular main-line use on Birmingham-Ramsgate services.

[PHOTO: D9000 leaving Oxford: 52kB]

Above: The Deltic leaving Oxford heading south on the little-publicised (except for rail-gen users!) 1V96 Birmingham to Reading & return working, at about 15:20 on Wednesday 18 February 1998. It later returned through Oxford as 1M79 but I hadn’t understood this and was still at work — but no matter, for I was to get a chance every Saturday for many weeks over the summer to see it call at Oxford on the Ramsgate workings.

[PHOTO: D9000 at Oxford: 52kB]

D9000 on one of the earlier “Ramsgate” workings, seen here in the northbound platform at Oxford at 15:14 on 30 May 1998.