Old changes


The What’s New? page lists recent changes. These become less and less important as time goes by, so rather than clutter up a quick-glance-type page with an interminable list of older changes, I’ve put them on their own little page here.

This page is not retrospectively updated. So if a page has moved since an entry that refers to it was cascaded onto this archive page, then the link won’t work. This is a historical quirk.

What was new, pre-2008?

2007 December 15: Alteration to the 1992 tube stock page, as the Waterloo & City Line has migrated back under Central Line management because of LUL’s relinquishment of the East London Line.

2007 December 8: Addition of a suggested alternative section of route to Cambridge & Oxford cycle route.

2007 December 3: Belated mention of further riding of Cambridge & Oxford cycle route.

2007 September 11: Updated the Miscellaneous railway photos page, to reflect the passage of the past seven years.

2007 August 24 and 27: Further tweaks to the Cambridge & Oxford cycle route, following separate visits to it by my wife and I, and by my brother. Also added GPS data in GPX and KML formats, allowing folk to trace my route using GPS receivers and on Google Earth.

2007 August 21: Generated PDF versions of the key and route notes for my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route, for improved printing.

2007 August 18: Now that the usual route has been re-opened, my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route page has been updated (see its own changes page).

2007 August 2: Updates to my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route page; as ever, please see its own changes page.

2007 April 23: Re-cast the Sound-effects page, to bring the text up to date; actual content-updates shouldn’t be so far off now…

2007 April 17: Some relatively minor reworking and updating to the 1992 tube stock page.

2006 December 3: Some further updates to my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route page, please see its own changes page.

2006 November 15: Minor updates/expansions to the 1938 tube stock on the Isle of Wight page. Plus changes to the Home page’s thumbnails to reflect more accurately the scope of content.

2006 September 16: The construction of a new road has resulted in some temporary diversions to my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route; see its own changes page for details.

2006 August 27: The 1996 tube stock page has been comprehensively brought up to date, and augmented with four recently-taken photos.

2006 August 23: Having ridden my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route recently, I’ve brought its page up to date. Full details of all changes made are in its own changes page.

2006 July 31: A new approach has been taken with the 1972 tube stock, resulting in significant changes and additions to the 1972 MkI tube stock and 1972 MkII tube stock pages, and a lesser addition to the 1967 tube stock page.

2006 July 23: Added a link to Hywel Williams’ Aldwych Tour at the Aldwych section of 1972 MkI tube stock page.

2006 July 12: Added a Warning to commercial entities to the Copyright page, to further discourage them from stealing my material.

2006 July 7: Added several – again, non-recent – photos to the 1972 MkII tube stock page. Funny how these things can get so out of date, I’d been waiting to add some relevant photos to this page for nearly 7 years!

2006 June 28: Added several non-recent photographs to the 1983 tube stock page.

2006 June 16: Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route has been slightly re-arranged and updated: see its own changes page.

2006 May 18: Airbus A380 made its first-ever landing in the UK, at Heathrow. I was there to see it, and duly posted a webpage with photo barely an hour after the event.

2006 April 11: Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route has been modified to reflect the temporary removal of supermarket facilities in Ampthill; see the relevant changes-section entry for details.

2006 January 23: Another change to Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route, this time an addition of an alternative section of route. See its changes section.

2006 January 18: Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route has had a couple of trivial modifications, see the page’s own changes section for details.

2006 January 8: The 1959 tube stock page now includes recent information about preserved vehicles.

2005 November 13: In a huge offline reorganisation, every page on this site has been upgraded so that it conforms fully to XHTML 1.0, with CSS 1 (Cascading Style Sheets) now in force throughout all pages. All pages have been modified to achieve uniformity of branding, style and layout, as well as various details like pop-up tooltips for all link text. All external links have been re-verified, and all pages checked for well-formedness in the W3C Markup Validation Service. The LU Rolling Stock section has been renamed Underground Trains. Apart from three pages hosted at Angelfire (which contain sound- and movie-clips), all content is now hosted on the server; a sizeable amount of filesystem reorganisation has taken place as a result. Pages which have moved location will have a redirection page set up from the old address. New or significantly-altered pages include those within the About section, and the 1992 tube stock page which has been re-worked. The completion of these necessary organisational changes paves the way for additions and updates to the content of many parts of the website.

2005 September 1: Further changes have been made to the Richard’s Cambridge-and-Oxford cycle route page, following driving the route and checking lots of things.

2005 August 18: The first alteration for over a year: Richard’s Cambridge-and-Oxford cycle route has been substantially re-written and overhauled; the route has been surveyed using a GPS receiver, and a Gradient Profile has been produced!

2004 June 19: Some long-awaited minor corrections and improvements made to the Cambridge-and-Oxford cycle route. Also made a small update to the page about this site’s creator.

2004 June 7: 1959 tube stock page updated, as Mike Kelly’s preserved carriage is on the move.

2004 March 21: Various minor updates to General LU photos page, including confirmation that The Shouty Man is indeed Peter Lodge.

2004 February 1: Generated a Site map, partly for the better understanding of visitors who may be a little lost, but also for the avoidance of doubt when defining This website, and to assist the maintainer in keeping track of pages.

2004 January 23: Made a select alteration & addition to the 1972 MkI tube stock page, on hearing reports that the cars at Hainault have gone for scrap.

2004 January 2: Included newly-arisen information and a link on the 1959 tube stock page, relating to the preservation of car 1305.

2003 December 15: The season of goodwill leaves Squarewheels early this year, as Richard finds himself forced to re-jig the Copyright notice to make it even clearer yet that unauthorized re-use of my material is unacceptable. You know who you are! (Note that, under the Berne Convention, Copyright is claimed on creative materials regardless of the presence or absence of any Copyright notice.)

2003 November 18: moved the Railways and Underground Trains pages to this server at , as part of the move to rid my site of the hideous pop-up advertising which still blights part of it at present.

2003 November 12: Further new material added to the Concorde page: another take-off with its sound and movie recordings.

2003 November 2: New material has been added to the Concorde page—namely a video-clip and two versions of a sound-recording. Further tweaking has also been taking place to the style-sheet as I learn more by repeated messing around (oh, and reading Dave Raggett’s Introduction to CSS amongst other things)!

2003 October 30-31: In a rash moment (okay, day) I began the process of upgrading the site to XHTML and CSS, with the Concorde page being the first to be done.

2003 October 29: Added to the Concorde page, to refer to the Captain of one of the planes I photographed.

2003 October 23: New page created, for Concorde whose final service leaves Heathrow today. A new format involving thumbnails is being tried on that page.

2003 September 21: Having moved the tag and nameservers of my domain to a decent ISP (UKShells), I have now been able to move much of my site so that it appears “seamlessly” with URLs containing my domain name. Therefore, most every page throughout the site has been altered to reflect the new URLs which, in some cases, need never change again! I have taken this opportunity to include the Squarewheels name in the titles and headings of some pages, and to reorganise some directory structures.

2003 July 27: Made several alterations to the route-notes and added ten recent photographs to the Cambridge-and-Oxford Cycle Route page.

2003 June 15: Some tidying-up, reorganisation, and the addition of a little new material have been made to the 1962 tube stock page, in addition to a minor change to the layout of all webpages on the site.

2003 April 9: I’ve moved all the LU Rolling Stock pages (but not their index) to a new location, because the Tripod server keeps denying access to http://metadyne.tripod.com/ (Richard’s Railway Page) due to bandwidth allowance exceeded. I hope that moving the bulk of the popular content will solve this problem. I also uploaded an update of the 1962 tube stock page, made a correction to the Engineering & Heritage stock page, and moved another year’s-worth of these “What’s new?” changes onto the Old changes page.

2002 December 9: a teeny bit of updating on the A subsurface stock page, following additional information provided by Duncan Fenton. Also a bit of flippancy on my photography page, regarding my photos of the front of Mornington Crescent station.

2002 October 10: a further update for my LT Buses page, following additional information from Kevin McGowan.

2002 October 7: updated the LT Buses page to incorporate a correction, and the Island Line page to bring the text up to date and say that the line’s franchise has been extended.

2002 September 23: created a new page, I felt it! The UK earthquake of 22/23 September 2002. The title says it all really. ;-)

2002 September 8: modified the Cambridge/Oxford route-notes pages to reflect a couple of changes which needed to be reflected in the route-notes to keep them up-to-date and accurate.

2002 June 28: Updated the 1959 tube stock page and the related “Heritage” 1959-stock page, adding up-to-date information about the final days of operation of these old trains, and their prospects for preservation.

2002 May 5: altered all pages on the site to remove references to my email address. Instead they point to a new page which contains all the required information.

2002 April 28: Copied all parts of the site that lived at www.geocities.com/rgriffin231/ over to a new location, under the new domain-name of http://www.squarewheels.org.uk/. My email address has also changed.

24th March 2002: added text-only pages containing just the text of the notation-key and route notes for my Oxford-Cambridge cycle route notes page, so that folk can print out just the bit they want to be printing!

19th March 2002: some small updates to the cats page. Also recently updated was the 1992 tube stock page, as ATO is now in use throughout the Central Line. The Taking your bike on the London Underground page’s fundamental content hasn’t changed, but I altered something and updated the “correct as at” date. A few other pages altered in a minor fashion, and my account of the 1999 OxCam 400 Audax updated with a post-postscript and some link-additions and revisions to the text. Moved the more-than-a-year-old bit of this change list onto its own page, Old changes to this website

20th February 2002: updated my Usenet threads page because Google Groups has now reinstated on-line access to all the Usenet archives formerly owned by Dejanews. While I was addressing the updating of that page, I decided to “tear out and keep” a posting I made about how I set my own personal land speed record: hence this new page, 56.8 mph - on my bike!. Revised the D stock page as it had an error and some material that was beyond its use-by date. About me page updated to incorporate a link to the ‘56.8 mph’ page described above, and likewise the cycling page.

19th February 2002: updated the 1992 tube stock page to reflect the fact that Woodford’s No. 21 siding is now passed for ATO, leaving just the approach to Ealing Broadway as the only non-ATO section of the Central Line. Also that the Waterloo & City Line has been transferred to Bakerloo Line management. Belatedly updated the 1973 tube stock page as its refurbishment programme finished many moons ago.

20th January 2002: updated the 1962 tube stock page, as the Epping-Ongar Railway has taken delivery of another old tube train. Will it fare any better than the last one they got? (No! -Ed.) Also very belatedly updated the “Fair notice” disclaimer page (linked off my Railway Page) to reflect my transport-related job.

7th August 2001: updated the About me page, somewhat belatedly, to reflect the new variant of work I’m now doing.

13th May 2001: updated the links on the Taking your bike on the London Underground page, and instated a previously-omitted link to it from the cycling page.

3rd March 2001: Added Mike Kelly’s photo of his tube-train-car-in-garden to the 1959 tube stock page.

25th February 2001: Some pages within the Underground Trains section overhauled and brought up-to-date.

20th December 2000: about me page updated to reflect new job and qualification.

2nd November 2000: unofficial Hastings DEMU page changed to reflect the fact that the official Hastings Diesels Limited webpage, http://www.hastingsdiesels.co.uk/, is now working. Railway page also altered for the same reason.

29th October 2000: I know it’s been a while… I’ve been doing other things instead. The only real change is that I’ve swapped a “tired” link on the Railway page for a newly-discovered one, to Hywel Williams’ Disused Underground Stations pages.

31st August 2000: Various updates in the cycling section, and a couple of quotes added in the Formula 1 area. General minor updates to a few pages in the Underground stock pages.

13th August 2000: Cycle route: Oxford and Cambridge is long-awaited and now finally available for the trying…

14th July 2000: Miscellany page added, to give somewhere to place a new but unimportant page entitled The mystery of the regular explosions.

1st July 2000: I’ve gone through the whole site, changing my email address since I’m moving ISP. A brand-new page about my participation in the 1999 OxCam 400 Audax 260-mile cycle-ride is now linked into the cycling pages. It looks as if I’m also going to be streamlining the URL for the home page, and making a copy of it at “~/index.html” for ease of use.

23rd May 2000: A new picture for the frontispiece of the 1992 tube stock page; added photo of Sandite car, 1962 stock. Added a completely new page for with eight photos, entitled Engineering & Heritage stock; teeny updates elsewhere. Cats page updated to reflect their new age.

7th May 2000: Further sets of new pictures and information in the Underground Stock section, this time on the A-stock and C-stock sections.

6th May 2000: Lots of new pictures and accompanying text to two of the London Underground tube train pages, namely 1973 stock (Piccadilly Line trains) and 1996 stock (new Jubilee Line).

5th May 2000: Charing Cross/Strand/Embankment conundrum page updated to remove a glitch on certain browsers — please let me know if it doesn’t display properly on yours! A little addition about a unique tube train added.

4th April 2000: new page for the Torbay DEMU railtour; a raft of minor factual updates/alterations in the Railway section. Lots of new pictures and text on the 1962 tube stock page.

16th March 2000: all parts of the site now revamped. Every active page conforms as far as possible to the HTML 4.0 Transitional specification as given below; all links checked, and in particular the Usenet threads page greatly improved.

10th March 2000: a gentle revamp of the whole site in progress, particularly aimed at upgrading all active pages to conform to HTML 4.0 Transitional specification. Pages thus treated carry the “HTML 4.0 correct” label at their foot. Some problems experienced when dealing with pages hosted on Geocities, see this note for details.

20th February 2000: brand new page for the 1983 tube stock (at long last!).

29th January 2000: I was present at the last-ever run of the old Northern Line trains. I took some photos, “fast-tracked” them through developing, scanning and processing, and wrote a webpage around them. The result is here: The last day of the 1959 Tube Stock.

4th January 2000: Some substantial changes to almost all parts of the LU Rolling Stock pages. The Hastings DEMU page has been re-vamped to some extent, and three new pages for forthcoming HDL railtours were created.

There is no record kept of changes prior to January 2000.