Airbus A380

London Heathrow
2006 May 18

This page created on 2006 May 18 at 13:59hrs.

[PHOTO: A380 approaching its landing at Heathrow (84kB)]

Above: This aircraft is one of 4 Airbus A380s made so far. It is seen here on final approach to runway 27-L (which was really the take-off runway at the time); it landed exactly on time at 13:20 hrs. The viewpoint was the field beyond Myrtle Avenue (see also my Concorde! page). NB: This thumbnail photo is a link to a full-screen-sized version.

The [BBC’s news item] on this topic may be of interest.

See also [Richard Jennings’ fotopic page], as he was stood next to me and took quite a slew of photos.