British Grand Prix, Silverstone 1998: F1 free practice day (Friday 10 July)

From above the exit of Abbey Chicane

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[PHOTO: Damon overdriving through Abbey: 59kB]

Above: Damon in the middle of the Abbey chicane: he’s come through the left and is turning into the right. Careful inspection shows that the back end is not obeying and is still coming out of the left-hander, hence the thick black lines of rubber and the steering pointing to the right as he corrects the sideways slide.

[PHOTO: Damon sideways out of Abbey: 52kB]

Above: Sorry about the wire fence… even from the very top of the banking you can’t always avoid looking through it. In a weekend characterised by frustrated over-driving, Damon is seen coming out of the Abbey chicane right-hander (compare location with previous photo) steering left as the back end of the car steps out once again.

[PHOTO: Schuey exiting Abbey: 50kB]

Michael Schumacher coming through Abbey with full commitment.

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