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This means that the publication, copying, reproduction or re-use, in any form (whether on the WWW, on Usenet, in fora, on social media, on paper, on CD/DVD, on a PowerPoint presentation, in electronic training/assessment materials, or otherwise), of text, photographs, sound recordings, video-clips, extracts, design ideas, or any other intellectual property from This website (1) is prohibited, except with my prior specific approval. Prohibited activities include Netiquette breaches such as rendering pages or images from This website (1) as inline frames/objects/images on other webpages, or in frames on other websites.


(1) – “This website” is specifically defined as every webpage listed on the site map of, and all material (other than that reached via External links (3)) found in those pages. However, its scope also includes the following additional material which is subject to this notice: old pages not yet removed, other non-site creations, and temporary/private/unpublished material.

This website belongs to, is the intellectual property of, was created by, and is funded & maintained by, Richard Griffin (to whom thus also is referred when any of the terms “”, “I”, “me”, “my”, “mine”, “author”, “creator”, “maintainer” or “editor” are used).

(2) – “Specifically noted”: any text or inline media whose Copyright belongs to a third-party contributor is clearly marked as such at the point on the webpage that it appears.

(3) – “External links” (i.e. those to material not part of This website (1)) are marked by squared brackets, like this.

Pop-up and inline advertising, found on a very few pages of this site (hosted at Angelfire and marked “@” in the site map) is deemed to be an external resource and is not under the control of the author (other than by moving the content of those pages to a paid server, a process which has already been done to the vast majority of the site).


Links may freely be made to the Home page (, and with a little caution (owing to possible future movement) to other pages within This website (1). Permission need not be sought, though purely for the sake of interest a quick email of notification is encouraged. You are advised that I reserve the right to ask that any specific such link to be removed if I deem there to be a valid reason.

Warning to commercial entities

Commercial entities that reproduce material from This website (1) without prior authority may incur a charge not exceeding £1000 per item. This warning added at 2006 July 12.


I take a very dim view of unscrupulous, thoughtless or ignorant (or all three!) people ripping my site off: if you’re building a website, why not make it your own work while you’re about it? If you wish to use my material for a reasonable, appropriate and genuine purpose, you are requested please to get in touch beforehand and discuss your use of it with its author. Thank you for reading.