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Notable changes to the website
(Lesser updates and improvements are also made)

2022 August 23: Today I published two new pages: 1) Roger Griffin, lost in the Sinai desert, a tale Roger wrote after his (mis)adventure in 2005, and 2) a page containing my analysis of Roger’s Sinai adventure.

2022 May 22: Today I have published two new pages relating to my father: 1) Roger Griffin: A Reflection which describes his life and work; and 2) a page describing his long career as a successful amateur runner including his eleven London Marathons.

2022 May 16: I recently added a transcription of Roger’s letter/travel-log from Hawaii, 1973, richly illustrated with his own photographs which I have located and scanned.

2021 November 26: Added two pages relating to my late father: one about his unpublished scientific data, and the other an illustrated account of his career-long involvement with the Cambridge 36-inch reflecting telescope.

2021 June 27: Added an index-page for my late father Roger Griffin, and a page describing his ‘Lunacy’ Midnight Moonlight Meadows Path runs to Grantchester.

2020 November 15: Added a page in which I reminisce about Geoff Hewitson, another of my school-teachers.

2020 July 15: Added a page about The Funky Preacher, likely to be of interest only to a small set of people who went to my school. Also, skimmed off the Rides by correspondents section of Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route into its own page.

2020 February 27: The whole website now validates as XHTML1.1, and my style-sheet validates as CSS level 3 and facilitates viewing on mobile browsers: I wish I’d got round to doing this sooner.

2017 May 19: Various minor updates to several of the pages in the Underground Trains section, in an effort to prevent them from being misleadingly out of date.

2017 February 18: I keep ‘tinkering’ with this website every so often, making little updates when people write in to say they’ve ridden my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route, or in an effort to keep the S stock page up-to-date. But nothing particularly significant or noteworthy has been added, and I’ve not elected to mention such lesser items here. This of course means that this page looks as if it’s saying that nothing ever happens—which isn’t quite true!

2014 April 30: In honour of the 20th anniversary of the deaths of Formula 1 drivers Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola, I have created a page about Imola 1994 featuring my recollections from that weekend, my newspaper-cuttings and audio & video-taped footage.

2013 September 28: A further addition and re-organization of the LU General Photos page: Mind The Gap at Waterloo article, offering a possible explanation to the recent conundrum over the identity of the voice-artist whose stentorian Mind The Gap announcement is so familiar.

2013 August 30: Updated Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route pages and the notes themselves, to reflect a crossroads being converted into a roundabout near Steppingley; some minor changes were made to the main page’s layout in a bid to improve readability.

2013 June 8: The Charing Cross/Strand/Embankment conundrum has benefitted from the addition of specially-drawn maps donated by Geoff Marshall, to illustrate the various stages of the area’s evolution. The page has also moved address slightly.

2013 April 18: A small addition to the LU General Photos page explaining a newly-arisen conundrum about the true identity of the voice-artist whose Mind The Gap recording it is that we all know and love; plus a new YouTube clip of my “Peter Lodge” Mind The Gap recording from Waterloo.

2013 January 19: Added another sound-recording (on YouTube) to the Audio page, this time a clip from last week of a steam loco on the District Line.

2013 January 17: Created a long-delayed page for the S stock trains which will ultimately form the fleet for LU’s entire subsurface network.

2012 September 18: A very minor alteration to the actual route-notes (Cambridge-bound) of Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route, following a reader’s contributions which also included a new KML file and a link to it in Bing Maps.

2012 August 27: And a third…

2012 June 14: A second sound-recording (on YouTube) placed on the Audio page.

2012 March 30: 56.8 miles per hour – on my bike! page re-cast with a video, a map and some photos.

2011 October 11: LUL Programme Machine page slightly corrected and expanded.

2011 March 6: Audio page renamed from Sound-effects, and updated to provide the first link to my audio material just published on YouTube.

2011 February 24: 1996 tube stock page updated to mention that ATO now in operation on much of the Jubilee Line.

2010 July 18: New photos added to, and revisions made to, the A60/62 Subsurface Stock page, as well as to the Underground Trains index.

2009 November 22: After half a decade being a temporary page, the LUL Programme Machine page has been brought up to scratch and is now published in the LUL section of the Railway page. Also, minor updates have been made to Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route and its alternative sections page.

2009 October 18: The useful Kingswood diversion has been surveyed for Alternative sections of route for Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route.

2009 October 7: Cats page updated.

2009 August 14: Added a photo of Humphrey Lyttelton and provided a better-quality (rescanned) version of another, to the Re-opening of Mornington Crescent tube station page.

2008 October 29: Minor updating (partly to prove that its information is still valid) to the Taking your bike on the London Underground page. Also updated one link and added a second link about square-wheeled vehicles on the page about this website.

2008 October 1: Two changes have been made to Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route page. First, its Changes to… page has been re-named Changes to the route-notes of…: only changes to the actual route-notes will now be placed there. Changes to the webpages which support the route-notes will be mentioned here. Second, several updates have been made to the route-notes.

2008 August 17: 1973 tube stock page revised, and new photos added.

2008 August 9: Devised and implemented a logo for this website. Added a page illustrating some lightning & thunder.

2008 July 16: Some fairly major revising of the pages for 1962 tube stock and 1972 MkI tube stock, together with lesser updates to the 1960 tube stock page, and correction of data & an anecdote added on the miscellaneous motor-racing photos page.

2008 July 1: Minor update to my Cambridge & Oxford cycle route, as a relied-upon water-tap is reported kaput.

2008 June 17: Slight re-casting and updating of the 1938 tube stock on the Isle of Wight page.

2008 April 3: Minor change to supporting material for Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route.

2008 March 12: Further (minor) changes to the 1992 tube stock page.

Older changes

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