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Since September 2008 this page has carried only notices regarding changes to the actual published route-notes.
Changes which merely relate to any of the “blurb” which serves to support the route-notes will be described (where necessary/appropriate) in the main website’s own What’s New? changes-log. This change of page-use has not (yet) been retrospectively applied.

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Alteration made on 24 December 2021:

I have stumbled upon the fact that the former T-junction where the road from Ashendon meets the A41 near Westcott was converted into a roundabout during 2020 or 2021; the notes for both directions now reflect this change to the road layout.

Alteration made on 16 October 2021:

Somewhat belatedly, I have modified the instructions in both directions to reflect a change to the road layout on the outskirts of Oxford: the junctions in Cherwell Drive, between Marsh Lane and Marston Road, got changed from a pair of mini-roundabouts to a festival of traffic-lights.

Alteration made on 19 October 2020:

Following a visit in person to the Shell Flitwick garage at the south end of Ampthill, I have confirmed that the door is now locked at 10pm (it used to be 11pm)—so the toilets cease to be available at that point. The notes have been modified to reflect this.

Alterations made on 1 October 2018:

When I rode the route Oxford-bound on 26 September 2018, I noticed that:

In addition, I have noticed and fixed the following which apply in both directions:

Alterations made on 24 April 2017:

In the course of riding the route Cambridge-bound on 19 April 2017, I noted various things that would need changing in the notes as follows.

[PHOTO: : 61kB]

[PHOTO: : 53kB]

[PHOTO: : 48kB]

[PHOTO: : 61kB]

Alterations made on 27 March 2017:

Alterations made on 8 May 2015:

Alterations made on 30 August 2013:

Alterations made on 18 September 2012:

Alterations made on 17 April 2010:

Alterations made on 1 October 2008:

Alterations made on 1 July 2008:

Alteration made on 14 April 2008:

Alteration made on 8 December 2007:

Alteration made on 3 December 2007:

Alteration made on 27 August 2007:

Alterations made on 24 August 2007:

Alterations made on 21 August 2007:

Alterations made on 18 August 2007:

Archived item:

Soulbury Road closure & diversion: September 2006 for 7 months (and the rest!)

C20 Great Brickhill Road / Soulbury Road should have re-opened on 3 April 2007, but stayed closed until 17 August 2007 whilst (by reading between the lines of the bypass constructors’s website) they sort out a cock-up with the parapet design of a bridge.

In the notes I have described one possible diversion. I have tried to select one which (from what I can tell on the ’net) is different from the signposted one. This diversion appears to add 6.0 miles to the route. It may be possible to achieve a shorter distance by making a longer diversion (e.g. avoiding the Brickhills altogether and going directly between Heath&Reach and Woburn) but my aim is partly to minimise the amount of off-route riding. NB: other diversions (noted below) are probably superior to that in the route-notes.

I have NOT been in a position to test the diversionary routes given, so they are advisory only. Any feedback from dear reader-riders such as yourselves will be noted and posted here.

¶ 3 December 2006: Gordon Bowen suggests diverting further west than Soulbury, at Whitchurch. Accordingly, when travelling towards Cambridge, you would turn R instead of L in Whitchurch, next L SP CUBLINGTON, SO at Xrds in CUBLINGTON, R at T onto Stewkley Road, into WING and turn L onto A418; L (SO) onto Wing Road at rdbt (crossing bypass roadworks); under rly bridge; L at T (tfl) and imm bear R onto A4146 (SP Stoke Hammond), rejoining my diversion given in the notes.

¶ 2 August 2007: Roger Bryan wrote in (back in April—sorry for not publishing this sooner) to say that although the original route remains closed in Soulbury, a much shorter diversion is now possible: it uses part of the new bypass (which is partly open on one carriageway only). I haven’t confirmed yet whether it could be used in both directions. Can any riders or local folk tell us whether this is still the situation? The suggested diversion when travelling towards Cambridge:

Follow original route to Soulbury
R (at T SP Linslade) in Soulbury
stay on B4032 until reaching new rdbt
L onto new bypass route for about 1km
R at half-finished rdbt and travel along link road
Bear L and then L at T onto A4146
R after 0.8 mile SP GREAT BRICKHILL, rejoining route.
[IMAGE: map of Soulbury area showing bypass and diversion: 100kB]

Above: This annotated extract from the PDF map of the bypass route shows Roger’s diversion.

Alterations made on 2007 August 2:

Alterations made on 2006 December 3:

Alteration made on 2006 September 16:

Alterations made on 2006 August 23:

On 2006 August 5 & 6 I rode the route Ox-Cam and Cam-Ox, and noted the following points.

Alterations made on 2006 June 16:

Alteration made on 2006 April 11:

Alteration made on 2006 January 23:

Alterations made on 2006 January 18:

Alterations made on 2005 September 1:

Alterations made on 2005 August 18:

Alterations made on 2004 June 19:

[PHOTO: bicycle and rider ready for wintry ride: 73kB]

Left: I was about to set off from my Father’s in Cambridge (via Great St. Mary’s so as to survey the entire route, of course!). Although a bright day, it was December and cold—hence the wooly hat beneath helmet, Altura jacket, and neoprene overshoes, plus gloves which are resting on the carrier in this shot. The panniers are laden down with too many things as usual, including my laptop computer! 3 December 2004 at 11:29.

Alterations made on 2003 July 27:

Alterations made on 2002 September 8: