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Route notes

Richard’s Cambridge & Oxford cycle route – Route description and detailed notes for my cycle route between Cambridge and Oxford, along a little-travelled and pretty set of minor roads and quaint villages.

Other material

Taking your bike on the London Underground – Accurate information regarding where and when you can and can’t take your bicycle on London’s semi-subterranean metro system. You might be surprised at how much of it you can use!

OxCam 400k Audax, July 1999 – A long ride-story detailing my experiences in riding this 260-mile 27-hour jaunt, plus a postscript for the 2000 edition

Why I prefer to cycle – What is it that cyclists like about cycling? And what is there in it for you?

56.8 miles per hour – on my bike! – an account of how I attained my current personal ‘Land Speed Record’!

Link to external resource

Bicycle Safety – How to ride your bike safely on the road. This article, part of Myra VanInwegen’s cycling pages, is the single most important cycling document I’ve ever seen on the web. If you ride on the road, you should be conversant with everything it promotes!